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CiPA Studies

Clyde Biosciences is an official member of the CiPA consortium. Clyde’s status as a Core Group member allows us to contribute towards the development of the next generation of assays reducing false positive and false negative results. Clyde is fully committed to the goals of improving patient safety and reducing animal usage.

CellOPTIQ® – Power of 3

Uniquely measuring voltage, calcium and contractility in the same cells, the Power of 3 sets Clyde Biosciences apart. One experiment gives our clients the principal measurements they need to assess the potential for cardiotoxicity in their compounds. This approach saves time, money and unnecessary in vivo experiments.


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Core Services


Heart cell contractility is a sensitive indicator of toxic or therapeutic effects of drugs. CellOPTIQ® provides visual measurements of cells at high frequency providing a wealth of data for the assessment of potential contractility effects.


Current assays may not have the sensitivity to detect changes in action potential upstroke.
CellOPTIQ® from Clyde Biosciences is the only assay able to capture data fast enough to measure changes in upstroke directly.


Intracellular calcium transient measurements are critical for the understanding of cardiac function. Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® is a powerful tool, offering more accuracy and higher throughput than other assays.

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Other Services

Ion Channel Screening

Clyde is able to provide our clients with access to the highest quality ion channel screening technology

Custom R&D

Many of Clyde Biosciences’ clients have specific research needs which cannot be met using older technologies. We work with our clients to craft protocols to meet their research needs. Clyde’s CellOPTIQ™ system is a powerful and flexible tool unlike anything else available on the market.

Stem Cell Characterisation

Clyde Biosciences works with the leading manufacturers of iPS-CMs to provide a broad dataset of parameters, enabling companies to understand the performance of their cells in the context of drug testing.

In Silico Modelling

In Silico screening will become a cornerstone of cardiotox testing in drug development. Clyde Biosciences’ in silico service provides confidence about ion channel measurement of drug activity.

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Expert Team


Discover Clyde Biosciences

Clyde Biosciences is a leading company in the field of cardiac safety testing.
Building on more than 100 years of combined experience, our team is ready to help you meet your preclinical cardiotox testing goals.

Clyde’s unique Power of 3 assay service provides our clients the confidence they need to proceed to in vivo compound testing.

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Clyde Biosciences Demonstrates Superiority Over MEA

Clyde Biosciences is delighted to announce it has demonstrated superiority over the legacy MEA system in the recent international CiPA study. Initiated by the FDA and by the Health and Environment Sciences Institute, the CiPA study pitted Clyde Biosciences’ CellOPTIQ system against the established micro-electrode array. The results of the study confirmed that Clyde Biosciences’ […]

Clyde Biosciences Nominated for Top Award

The Clyde Biosciences team are delighted to have been shortlisted for an award in February’s Scottish Life Sciences Awards. One of three finalists in the Innovative Collaboration award, Clyde has been recognised for its contribution to a global initiative designed to improve the way drugs are assessed for cardiac safety. The initiative, known as CiPA […]

Clyde Recognised as Leading Innovator

Clyde Biosciences has been recognised in The Scotsman newspaper (December 1, 2017) as a leading innovator in Scottish life sciences. Alongside other Scottish companies, Clyde was noted for its recent project with AstraZeneca examining the effects of certain drug compounds on cardiac cells. Clyde’s unique optical cell function assay service provides information to biotech and […]

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