CiPA Assay

Defining an accurate pro arrhythmic risk of your compounds for IND submissions

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Mechanistic CV Toxicity Assay

To better define the cardiovascular risk by measuring voltage, calcium and contractility to provide a comprehensive analysis of myocyte function during prolonged exposure of compound

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hiPSC Cardiomyocyte Characterisation
& Validation Assay

Over the last 6 years Clyde has been instrumental in characterising hiPSC cardiomyocytes from all the major providers

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Voltage Assay

Current assays may not have the sensitivity to detect changes in action potential upstroke. CellOPTIQ® is the only Voltage assay able to capture data fast enough to measure changes in upstroke directly.

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Calcium Assay

Intracellular calcium transient measurements are critical for the understanding of cardiac function. Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® offers more accuracy and higher throughput than other assays.

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Contractility Assay

Heart cell contractility is a sensitive indicator of toxic or therapeutic effects of drugs. CellOPTIQ® provides visual measurements of cells at high frequency providing a wealth of data for the assessment of potential contractility effects.

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In Silico Modelling

In Silico modelling and screening will become a cornerstone of cardiotox testing in drug development. Clyde Biosciences’ In Silico service provides confidence about ion channel measurement of drug activity.

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Custom R&D

For research and development needs which cannot be met using older technologies we work with our clients to craft protocols to meet their requirements

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