Portrait of Clyde Bioscience’s CSO – Godfrey Smith

Godfrey Smith

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Godfrey provides scientific leadership to the company through his role as CSO and Director. Godfrey co-founded the company in 2012 and has been responsible for its scientific development since that time. Godfrey is Professor of Cardiac Physiology with a research track record in cardiac electrophysiology.


Francis Burton

Head of Software and Modeling & Co-Founder

Francis designed and developed the software behind CellOPTIQ. In addition to his work for Clyde, Francis is a lecturer in cardiovascular physiology at the University of Glasgow. His primary research interest is in discovering the mechanisms of arrhythmias in healthy and diseased hearts by imaging dynamic cellular processes with millisecond resolution at tissue and whole-organ levels. He has an active role in developing and advising on advanced imaging systems and associated software for the company.

Portrait of Richard Henderson, CEO of Clyde Bioscience’s

Richard Henderson

Chief Executive Officer

Richard is an experienced CEO, CFO and venture capital partner, with a background in operational roles in industry. He is a Chartered Accountant with a BCom Hons from the University of Edinburgh.


T: +44 (0) 7717 878188

Portrait of Mark Bryant, Head of Business Development for Clyde Biosciences

Mark Bryant

Head of Business Development

Dr Mark Bryant is a consultant specialising in bringing novel human based technologies to the Safety Pharmacology market. In 2001 he developed and launched the first high throughput hERG screening assay using rubidium flux and atomic absorption. In 2009 he developed and launched the first hiPS cardiomyocytes whilst working for ReproCELL. He is currently working with Clyde Biosciences helping to develop and launch their CellOPTIQ platform, which has become one of the leading CIPA assays, using hiPS cardiomyocytes and voltage sensitive dyes.


T: +44 (0) 7801 816212

Portrait of Chris Wardhaugh, Senior Advisor to Clyde Bioscience

Chris Wardhaugh

Senior Advisor

An experienced biotech executive, Chris brings experience from the pharmaceutical industry to Clyde’s executive team. His background includes commercial roles in pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, as well as senior management experience in one of the world’s leading contract research organisations.