Small molecule
heart failure therapeutics

Clyde has performed a number of lead optimisation studies for pharma companies using hiPSC and adult cardiomyoctyes. Using the three-in-one assay, a comprehensive set of efficacy data can be generated to guide medicinal chemistry efforts during lead optimisation.

Clyde has been instrumental in several heat failure programes, especially in guiding the difficult path between efficacy and safety.



Gene therapy
heart failure therapeutics

Recently Clyde has been approached to develop an efficacy heart failure assay for gene therapies. Exploiting diseased hiPSC cardiomyocyte cell lines and chronic protocols, heart failure assays for gene therapies will be established.

Clyde’s links with the FDA will be beneficial in order for the assays to be approved by the regulatory agencies.



CellOPTIQ® generates human-relevant information from:

CellOPTIQ Assay features – Adult Cardiomyocytes
CellOPTIQ Assay features – hiPSC Cardiomyocytes

Heart Failure Assay – Omecamtiv


Applications for drug development

CLYDE supports all aspects of the drug discovery process, including:

Target Validation

Compound Optimisation

Biomarker Identification & Validation

Preclinical Safety Assessment