Clyde Biosciences Demonstrates Superiority Over MEA


Clyde Biosciences is delighted to announce it has demonstrated superiority over the legacy MEA system in the recent international CiPA study.

Initiated by the FDA and by the Health and Environment Sciences Institute, the CiPA study pitted Clyde Biosciences’ CellOPTIQ system against the established micro-electrode array. The results of the study confirmed that Clyde Biosciences’ CellOPTIQ is more predictive than the MEA across the 28 drugs studies.

The study was set up to improve the way in which cardiotoxicity is assessed and tested the two technologies on a set of known reference drugs.

One of the key outcomes of the study was the rate of false positives. A false positive result means that a potentially risky drug proceeds in its development. Clyde’s rate of false positives was only 1.8% across the study, while the best of the MEA systems was 6x higher. In other words, Clyde’s technique can help companies identify risky compounds earlier and at lower cost than other providers.

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Clyde Biosciences – CiPA press release – final

Ian Whalley