Clyde’s Contractility Assay features:

Accurately Predict Cardiotoxic Potential

To accurately predict cardiotoxic potential in a drug, measurement of contractility must be taken

The Missing Piece

Intracellular calcium alone is not an accurate predictor of toxicity, nor is it an accurate enough proxy for contractility. Used alongside calcium measurements, this assay can elucidate differential inotropic effects on contractile proteins

High Resolution Data

Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® system captures and analyses up to 200 high resolution images per second

2D, 3D & Single Cardiomyocytes

Clyde’s technology can produce measurements of contractility from a variety of structures including 2D, 3D and single cardiomyocytes



Typical contractility data – Intraconazole

Effects of Intraconazole on action potential and contraction of paced (1Hz) hiPSC cardiomyocytes demonstrating a potential dual effect on voltage and possibly direct action on contraction either through calcium cycling or myofibril sensitivity.

Typical contractility data – Intraconazole. From Clyde Biosceinces

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