Clyde Recognised as Leading Innovator


Clyde Biosciences has been recognised in The Scotsman newspaper (December 1, 2017) as a leading innovator in Scottish life sciences. Alongside other Scottish companies, Clyde was noted for its recent project with AstraZeneca examining the effects of certain drug compounds on cardiac cells.

Clyde’s unique optical cell function assay service provides information to biotech and pharmaceutical companies looking to better understand how their early-stage drug compounds act on the heart. Heart cells contract by a process known as Exitation-Contraction coupling. This process can only be understood by looking at the effects of electrical activity, the movement of calcium ions and the extent & duration of a cell’s contraction. Only Clyde Biosciences offers a test to examine these factors simultaneously.

Clyde is currently working with most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies from its base in BioCity Scotland.

Link to the story here.

Ian Whalley