CellOPTIQ® offers significant advantages over other platforms


A broad range of reference and therapeutic compounds have been tested to demonstrate that CellOPTIQ®:

  • Is predictive of the clinical setting (correlates well with patient ECG)

  • Is predictive of in vivo models especially compounds with multi ion channel effects or effects on contractility

  • Offers significant advantages over other platforms

  • Provides very low false negative liability


Pharma Case Studies

Validation Experiments with Pharmaceutical Companies’ Compounds Demonstrate the Power of CellOPTIQ®


Modalities Comparison

Comparison of CellOPTIQ with Rabbit Wedge and Other Modalities Using 19 Reference Compounds


CellOPTIQ® outclasses many of the comparable platforms, especially in the identification of known reference compounds. CellOPTIQ® was the only platform without a false negative liability.



CellOPTIQ® Generates Data Which is Predictive of the Clinical Setting


Positive correlation observed between results of Axiogenesis hiPSC-CMs tested in vitro on CellOPTIQ® system and human EP treated with same range of Quinidine concentrations.

Graph showing voltage sensitive dye data from the CellOPTIQ platform