Clyde Launches New Contractility Service – CellOPTIQ®-X


NEWHOUSE – Clyde Biosciences today announced the launch of a new service to serve the needs of its global pharma clients. CellOPTIQ®-X represents a revolution in contractility assays, offering:

  • Early detection of contractility toxicities

  • Higher throughput, cost-effective solution

  • Reduction in animal requirements

  • Accurate prediction of the human response

  • Reduction in later stage attrition

Heart cell contractility is a sensitive indicator of toxic effects of drugs. Issues are commonly highlighted later on in drug development than would be ideal (in vivo/ex vivo animal testing). CellOPTIQ® -X  has been designed to efficiently and cost effectively test for human contractility issues earlier, reducing  animal usage and preventing later stage attrition.

Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® system captures and analyses up to 200 high resolution images per second, elucidating differential inotropic effects on contractile proteins. Developed on a 96-well format using iPS human cardiomyocytes, the assay has been shown to be predictive of the clinical setting accurately measuring the effects of the following inotropes;

  • Negatives: Nifedipine, Itraconazole, Blebbistatin, Atenolol, Thapsigargin

  • Positives: Isoproterenol, Pimobendan, Amrinone, BayK8644, Digoxin


For more information contact

Ian Whalley