Heart cell contractility is a sensitive indicator of toxic or therapeutic effects of drugs. CellOPTIQ® provides visual measurements of cells at high frequency providing a wealth of data for the assessment of potential contractility effects.

Clyde’s Contractility Assay:

The Missing Puzzle Piece

  • In order to accurately predict cardiotoxic potential in a drug, measurement of contractility must be taken
  • Intracellular calcium alone is not an accurate predictor of toxicity, nor is it an accurate enough proxy for contractility
  • Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® system captures and analyses up to 200 high resolution images per second
  • When used alongside calcium measurements, this assay can elucidate differential inotropic effects on contractile proteins

Clyde’s technology can produce measurements of contractility from a variety of structures including 2D, 3D and single cardiomyocytes