CiPA Studies

CiPAClyde Biosciences is an official member of the CiPA consortium, and a Core Group member contributing towards the development of the next generation of assays.

We run drug screening studies on our CellOPTIQ® system using the accepted CiPA Protocol. Only Clyde can provide you with a rapid-turnaround VSD screening study on your compounds.

Clyde works with virtually all of the major suppliers of iPS-CMs to characterise their cells on using the standard CiPA protocol. These data provide an invaluable reference point for the performance of cells. CellOPTIQ® works with 2D and 3D structures.

Major benefits include:

  • Drug screening using a standard CiPA protocol
  • iPS-CM characterisation studies using CiPA 8 (first phase CiPA)
  • iPS-CM characterisation studies using CiPA 28 (second phase CiPA)
CiPA Studies