CellOPTIQ® is an essential precursor to in vivo studies. Studies using animal models are costly, time-consuming and ethically challenging. In order to reduce the number of animal tests conducted, compounds should be assayed on CellOPTIQ® before going in vivo.

Clyde’s CellOPTIQ® technology was designed to overcome a significant shortcoming in cardiac safety testing. While hERG testing is and will remain an important component of cardiac safety testing, its shortcomings are well known. A single hERG assay can be expected to produce a reliable result about 70% of the time. Both false positives and false negatives can have major consequences for a drug developer.

Clyde Biosciences’ unique technology is designed to eliminate the risk of false positive or false negative results.

CellOPTIQ® provides clients with unparalleled data at a time when the industry needs it most.

CellOPTIQ® offers greater data resolution than any other assay and does so in one experiment. Most major pharmaceutical companies have benefited from Clyde’s expertise. Join them now and ask Clyde about your next study.

Comparison of CellOPTIQ v Other Common Modalities